Monday, June 27, 2011

See wire work at the Oakland Museum's 555 Gallery... watching this slideshow or, better yet, going in person!

Today I visited the space with Sabine and Donna Seager and it was very foggy and grey out. But as time passed, the sun peaked out from the thick layer of clouds and, in a flash, the sculptures were illuminated and awake! The shadows, like drawn lines, introduce temporary marks onto the varied surfaces and architecture of the space and, with the addition of the direct light from the sun, the sculptures come to life as they shine and shimmer.

The curator of the show, Carin Adams, describes the show this way:
"Artist Emily Payne creates site-specific installations, sculpture, and works on paper based on delicate wire forms and the shadows they cast. She transforms materials by deconstructing them from multiple angles beyond their utilitarian function.The repetition of circular shapes clustered together, hovering in the air, and resting on the ground create shadows that expand their physical boundaries. In this way, the ephemeral qualities of the forms occupying space are as important as the forms themselves."

May 19, 2011 - August 5, 2011
This exhibition is located at 555 12th Street in Oakland. Curated by the Oakland Museum of California's Professional Services Division.