Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day Four: my last day installing the clay balls

This is my favorite shot from the day.

Tomorrow is the opening. I'm hoping it is sunny like it was all week during the installation. I finally came up with a name for it which is "Haven." I like it because the clay balls all are hung in the nooks of tree branches and in somewhat sheltered areas where one would seek refuge, if one were a clay ball.... Also, if you were to add an "e," it would say "heaven," and that's where I felt I was all week long. Hanging out in trees, feeling the sun on my back, listening to the birds and the wind, making art - now that's my idea of heaven.

Thank you Sabine and John, for helping me hang the balls in the trees. Thank you Kalen for all your helping firing the clay. And thank you to the ball makers extraordinaire who helped me make over 1,500 clay balls in total: Kristin and Athos Argue, Sabine Elser, Audrey, Geoff and John Heller, Ann Holsberry, Breandain Langlois, Kalen Meyer, Dov Osheroff, Erika and Sabrina Siskind, Larry Raines, Michelle, Luisa and Maya Tellez, Jonathan and Hazel Waters.

I can't wait for the next project that we do together!